Florida Vacations

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Few places offer more variety in vacation opportunities:  Fantasy theme parks and attractions -   Leisurely days on the best beaches in the world - Golfing in the "golf capital of the world"  -  Boating, sailing, fishing, diving, snorkeling and swimming along 1,350 miles of coastline  -  Sport and deep-sea fishing  -  Exciting nightlife  -  Exploring unique natural wilderness  -  NASCAR and Daytona racing events -  Cruises from several seaports.

Theme Parks and Attractions

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Disney Hollywood Studios™

A natural choice for many who vacation in Florida.  There are more attractions than any other state.  Orlando is central to many of the theme parks, but also consider other areas throughout the state.  See Florida Attractions for more information.

Florida Beaches

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Miami Beach

A great way to get out into the sun and play or socialize with friends and relatives.  Even in the fall and spring when northern and Pacific coast beaches are too chilly to comfortably enjoy, our beaches are quite active and enjoyable.  While the winters are too cool for swimming, they are still a great choice for those who enjoy strolling among beautiful scenes or just relaxing on a beach chair catching a little of the warm sunshine.  See the Florida Beaches pages for more ideas.


With over 1,300 miles of coast line as well as hundreds of natural lakes, the state is a boater's paradise.  Consider power-boating, sailing, kayaking, skiing, wake boarding, wind surfing, fishing, snorkeling, exploring the islands and coastal areas, eco-tours, canoeing . . .  Many of the more popular destinations offer boat rentals ranging from kayaks to catamarans to powerboats.


Choose your style - bass fishing on a serene lake, inshore saltwater and flats fishing, offshore saltwater fishing for the "big ones", or sport fishing for the "trophies"!  Bring your own boat or charter.   These is a well-established network of charter operations.  Consider the increasingly popular kayak fishing - get close to the water for a more thrilling fishing experience.


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Not much to say, except we have over 1,000 public, private and semiprivate courses!  That coupled with our nice weather makes a golfing vacation a natural, particularly in the fall, winter and spring.


Throughout the state and the Orlando areas are particularly rich in both the numbers and varieties of resorts.  Choose your style from luxurious, pampered comfort to upscale convenience.  Most choose a resort second to their preferred activities and interests.


A road trip offers tremendous potential in variety and interests.  Any of the ideas listed in this section become possible as one tours.  Additionally, many historical areas can be explored such as St. Augustine or Pensacola.


Many travel to here to visit with family and friends.  This often pre-determines the location with activities planned around the visit.  Use this website to explore options and potential opportunities that complement your visit.


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Daytona 500

Those who love sports will find lots of opportunities.  There are many professional sports teams including football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer - see Florida Sports page for more information.  Additionally, a number of professional baseball teams offer spring training sessions.  For race fans, look to NASCAR racing at Daytona and Miami, and a variety of racing at the Daytona International Speedway throughout the year, as well as the occasional special events Grand Prix racing.

Special Events

A very active state with year-round events and activities.  Seafood, art and boating festivals abound.  With our great weather, motorcycle events and gatherings can also be found year-round, including the world-renowned Bikeweek and Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach in the spring and fall, respectively.  Check Florida Events page for some of the activities around the state.


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Naples Shopping District

For those who have a passion for shopping - you know who you are - a vacation has lots of new venues and shops to explore!  Make it a "shopping vacation" if you wish, or disguise as a visit to family and friends! Great shopping opportunities exist, ranging from world-class shopping districts to whole towns that cater to the antique business.  Explore some of Florida Cities for more ideas (hint: check out Naples!).

Active Vacation

Plan activities involving any of the ideas above.  A beach vacation could involve parasailing, wake boarding, surfing, jet skiing, kite boarding or windsurfing.  Spring-breakers have laid claim to a number of locations for very active vacations including Fort Lauderdale, Panama City Beach, Miami, Daytona Beach, Clearwater and the Keys.


Most of our larger cities include a variety of museums of art and history as well as performing arts centers.  See Florida Cities page to explore each city for venues that include the arts.

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