Discovery Cove Attractions

Swim with Dolphins

Dolphin waiting to have some fun

Dolphin Swim

Dolphin Belly Rub

Belly rub

For many, the dolphins are the reason to go to this attraction.  We are enamored with these fantastic marine creatures.  Perhaps it is their intelligence, grace, free-spirited demeanor and propensity for playfulness that we admire.  Dolphins represent a carefree lifestyle that many of us envy.

Discovery Cove's Dolphin Swim is a life-long, memorable experience.  The 30 minute dolphin encounter is a combination of education, fun and exhilaration.  These powerful but gentle animals will glide by inches in front of guests, roll over to have their bellies rubbed, kiss and be kissed, talk, splash and perform awesome jumps.

Several groups of six to eight guests are arranged in a line in shallow water where each group is greeted by their own dolphin.  Guests are introduced and then interact with their dolphin through a series of activities.  The highlight of the session comes out in deeper water (flotation vests are worn), where your dolphin will allow you to hold his/her fins while the dolphin pulls you back to the shallow area.  This is an absolutely unforgettable experience!

The Grand Reef

Coral Reef

The Grand Reef

Discovery Cove's coral reef is awesome!  From the surface, it looks like a pretty lagoon of clear, turquoise water accentuated with a ship wreck.  Put a mask and snorkel on and float along the surface to discover the real magnificence of this simulated coral reef.  There are thousands of exotic and colorful fish of all sizes and shapes.  There are also numerous types of rays (all harmless) of which some are impressively large!  Look closer and be surprised by real sharks and barracuda as they are kept safely behind protective glass (good thing!) from within the simulated ship wreck.  Anyone who enjoys snorkeling in the Florida Keys, or would like to in a controlled environment, will enjoy the Grand Reef.

Wind-away River

Tropical River

Wind-away River

Relaxation.  It doesn't get any better.  Float along the slowly moving, turquoise waters of this tropical river as is meanders along winding turns with lush gardens and palm trees along its banks.  Refresh as you pass through waterfalls spilling over the river or go through the rocky cave.  Step out as you pass into the aviary to enjoy the variety of exotic birds, or at any of the sandy beaches along the way to relax in the sun or grab a snack.

Expoler's Aviary



What tropical paradise would be complete without exotic birds?!  Discovery Cove's aviary is home to more than 30 species of birds.  Walk along the lush gardens and admire the beautiful birds, listen to their exotic conversations and stop to feed them if desired.  There are more than 250 tropical birds in the enclosed, free flight aviary.  Explore the the winding trails, stone catacombs and pass over bridges and across rivers.

Serenity Bay

Resort Pool

Serenity Bay

Aaahh. . .   Sparkling, crystal-clear water at 80 degrees F. year round, white sandy beaches, water falls, surrounded by a tropical setting - what could be more relaxing or serene!?  Swim or snorkel in the clear, shallow waters, or head over the grotto to get a shoulder and neck massage from the water falls.  Begin your track to the Wind-away River from here if desired.


An underwater walking adventure within The Grand Reef.  Wear a bubble-shaped dive helmet pumped with fresh air while you walk among the fish, rays and other sea creatures on the sandy bottom.

Freshwater Oasis

Wade through this crystal-clear fresh water pool under a tropical rainforest canopy above while seeing otters and marmosets (small primates).