Busch Gardens Entertainment


Relax in the Moroccan theater for a world-class and spectacular stage performance featuring larger-than-life puppets, world-class skaters, acrobatics, eye-pleasing scenes and high energy action.  The story is centered around a pre-teen boy whose grandfather encourages to put down the smart phone and meet (explore) the world.  Throughout the 30 minute journey, the pair explore the world including the African Serengeti, the Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic and the Amazon Rainforest. 

Let's Get Loud

Enjoy a music and dance presentation at the Marrakesh Theater.  A cast of dancers will entertain with popular ballroom dances including the Foxtrot, Tango, Jive, Swing and Mambo.

Rock A Doo Wop

A musical and dance performance that goes back in time to the popular music of the '50s and '60s.

A is for Africa

Sesame Street, character-themed, musical presentation.  See Cookie Monster, Grover, Elmo and others perform for this kids-oriented show.

Critter Castaways

Family fun featuring trained animals including cats, dogs, birds and kangaroos! Some of the animals where rescue or from animal shelters.

Additional Attractions

King Tut's Tomb

Enter a museum-like attraction that quickly turns into a realistic replication of King Tut's burial site.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

Fun land filled with multiple kid-sized rides and roving Sesame Street characters.  See a show, explore Elmo's 3-story tree house hideaway or splash in Bert and Ernie's watering hole.

Treetop Trails

A maze of climbing nets, bridges, crawl tubes - great for kids to expend some energy while having fun.