Busch Gardens Animal Attractions

Serengeti Plain

Hundreds of exotic African animals roam free in this expansive 65-arce habitat.   See giraffes, zebras, antelope, gazelle, ostrich, eland and various birds.  Naturalistic landscapes, rock formations, African flora and creeks are arranged to provide a very realistic backdrop for this exotic attraction.  The plain can be enjoyed from the Express Railway, Skyride, Safari and walkways along the Edge of Africa.

Serengeti Night Safari

A 2 hour mix of entertainment, appetizers, cold beverages and an exclusive guided expedition via a safari vehicle across the Plain. For adults 21 years and older. Offered

Myombe Reserve

Take a walk through the lush landscape and winding paths before meeting chimpanzees and gorillas in their rainforest habitat.  Large glass windows and open viewing areas provide a glimpse into the world of these fascinating primates. 

Bird Gardens

Hundreds of tropical birds can seen and heard here.  Step into the aviary and walk among many of these beautiful feathered creatures as they fly, hop and walk around guests.  The birds will amaze and delight with their varied colors and voices.  Enjoy performances involving parrots, storks and vultures at the Wild Things of Africa show.  See bald and golden eagles at Eagle Canyon.

Lory Landing

A domed bird aviary with many brightly colored and interesting birds, large and small.  Lorikeets, hornbills, and pheasants are among a few of the birds.  Birds fly and walk freely around guests as they stroll through this habitat.

Cheetah Run

Get close to live Cheetahs, the worlds fastest land animals - up to 60 mph (96 kph).  View them in a natural grassy habitat or up close just inches away separated by a glass pane.

Edge of Africa

Walk the trail along the edge of the Serengeti Plain and among natural scenic settings with lions, hippos, hyenas, meerkats, vultures, a Nile crocodile, baboons and an underwater viewing area displaying thousands of colorful fish.


Another spectacular animal habitat that includes Bengal Tiger, and playful orangutangs.   View these amazing animals just inches away through a glass pane in their simulated natural habitat.