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Resorts - The Pampered Vacation

Resorts do indeed present the opportunity for a pampered vacation, and though resorts certainly cost more than conventional lodging, those who are willing to spend a little extra will no doubt experience an unforgettable holiday.   
Resorts - The Pampered Vacation

Finding Affordable Flights to Orlando

Orlando, home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and a number of other family-oriented attractions, is a favorite of vacationers from all over the world. Such fun, however, is not inexpensive. One place you can save money on your travel budget is by getting a cheap flight to Orlando.   Affordable Flights to Orlando

State Named Best Trails State

The American Trails organization has proclaimed Florida the "Best Trails" state, recognizing the Sunshine State for "its vision, initiatives and management of its statewide trails system."

The award is given by the organization every two years in recognition of "contributions of volunteers, professionals, agencies and other leaders who are working to create a national system of trails for all Americans," notes a press release issued by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  Best Trails State


There are two major attractions, here. One is the magical land that's home to a famous mouse and a host of other characters. But for many people, the real stars are the magnificent beaches that line the state's coast. These beaches are second-to-none in the U.S. and each year, tens of thousands of individuals head to them for a relaxing vacation, or make their way here for the winter, content to be dubbed a "snowbird".    Beaches

The Florida Aquarium

As aquariums go, the one in Tampa is truly one of the finest. Ranked by Parents Magazine as one of the top 5 kid-friendly aquariums and listed in the top 10 aquariums by TripAdvisor, a travel site that posts ratings and comments by "regular" people, this expansive facility boasts more than 200,000 square feet of exhibits and about 20,000 aquatic plants and animals from around the world.
The Florida Aquarium


Boat Parades Provide Holiday Fun

New Yorkers have the Macy's Parade, an age-old institution that's been thrilling northeasterners for decades and entertaining TV watchers who view it as the official start to the holiday season.  But here, where the weather is warm and snow seldom falls, locals celebrate with a different kind of tradition - the Holiday Boat Parade.  Boat Parades

10 Reasons to Vacation in Florida

Fanatics don't need an excuse to make their way to The Sunshine State for a little R&R, no matter what time of the year it may be. But those who don't know this beautiful southern state as well as those Florida aficionados may not be aware of all the wonderful things waiting for them in the U.S.'s 4th most populous state. There are myriad reasons to vacation here, but here are the top 10. Drum roll, please!     10 Reasons to Vacation in Florida

St. Augustine - A Unique Honeymoon Destination

Being the oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine has everything from a rich history to beautiful pristine beaches. European architecture gives it a charm and a romantic flavor that no other city in the U.S. can claim and everywhere a person looks, there are breathtaking views to be had. For the couple looking for a truly unforgettable experience, St. Augustine is a great honeymoon destination.
St. Augustine - A Unique Honeymoon Destination

10 Ways to Save Money on a Vacation

A Florida vacation, especially for those looking to escape the cold weather of the north, is a dream come true, filled with world-class attractions, sandy beaches, and plenty of sun and warm weather. 

While this region remains one of the most affordable destinations in the U.S., these days it never hurts to find some ways to save money on your next vacation, providing more dollars with which to enjoy the abundant sunshine and ample attractions.  Here's a list of the 10 best ways to save money on a vacation. 
10 Ways to Save Money on a Florida Vacation

The Plight of the Florida Panther

One of the most endangered mammals on earth, The Sunshine State's state animal - the beautiful Panther - once roamed North America in much larger numbers. Currently, wildlife experts believe that only 70-80 of these cats live in Southern part of the state and the plight of the panther continues to cause controversy between animal activists, politicians, and the builders who develop land that was once home to myriad cats.  The Plight of the Florida Panther

What's New at our Theme Parks?

In the theme park capital of the world, new rides and attractions are constantly opening. After all, it's often tough to keep recurring visitors interested in coming back again and again without something new that will entice them to spend their hard-earned dollars for a day or two of theme park fun.  What's New at our Theme Parks?


Orlando’s Nickelodeon Hotel - One visitor's account

I had the pleasure of going to Orlando’s Nickelodeon Hotel recently.  If you are looking for a vacation within a vacation, this is your place.

The best pull for this hotel is the outdoor water slides.  There are two pools to choose from, so you will never get bored.  One is the Lagoon pool the other is the Oasis pool.  Orlando's Nickelodeon Hotel - One visitor's account