Affordable Flights to Orlando

Orlando, home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and a number of other family-oriented attractions, is a favorite of vacationers from all over the world. Such fun, however, is not inexpensive. One place you can save money on your travel budget is by getting a cheap flight.  Here's how:

Be Flexible - Save money on airfare by expanding your search to include all times of the day and connecting flights as well as non-stop ones. Departing from another airport, one within driving distance, can also be a help in finding a cheap flight. For instance, airfares are generally less expensive from Baltimore than from Washington DC and from New Orleans as opposed to Baton Rouge.

Book Early, Book Late - Traditional travel wisdom dictates that the best prices go to those that make their reservations well in advance of their departure date. This is especially true for families that must travel over the holidays or during Spring Break. The exception to this rule is the last-minute airfares that several major carriers post on the Internet. These airfares are generally listed on Tuesdays for weekend departures and may or may not include flights to Orlando in the offerings. However, if you check these lists regularly, you just might find some very inexpensive options.

Consider the Charters - Several travel companies, such as Funjet Vacations, operate charters from major cities around the United States. That is they lease a plane to carry vacationers directly to Orlando. Often, these flights are much less than the regularly published airfares. Usually, you also have the option of purchasing hotel accommodations and rental car arrangements at a substantial discount.

Finding an affordable flight is possible if you do a little research, be flexible, and consider all of the options.