Busch Gardens Roller Coasters

The theme park has six high-performance roller coasters!   Eight if you count the children's SandSerpent and the junior Air Grover.  These range in intensity from the Scorpion all the way to the "I-think-I'm-going-to-die" Sheikra!   The Montu, Kumba, Gwazi are moderate in intensity with their own unique styles - each different.  Cheetah Hunt is the newest at Busch Gardens.  All are metal tracks, except the Gwazi which is a wooden structure.

Cheetah Hunt

Busch Garden's newest.  At 4,429 feet long, it begins to approach the mile long mark.  The ride uses three linear accelerators to launch Cheetah Hunt to speed and up the 102-foot tower.  Top speed reaches 60 mph and the longest single drop is 130 feet.  The coaster roars through the Serengeti Plain at close to ground level.


This towering coaster starts with a heart-stopping 90 degree, straight-down drop from its 200 feet tall peak and reaching 70 mph before going into an Immelmann loop (simultaneous loop and roll). This drop is made more intense by a purposeful pause at the top before the fall!  It follows with a second, 138-foot vertical drop racing through an underground tunnel, into a loop and then across a water feature that sprays guests watching on the sidelines.  The ride gets its "Sheikra" name from the African hawk known to dive straight down for its prey.


A high-intensity, multi-inversion steel roller coaster, with a 135 foot drop and large vertical loops.   Length is almost 4,000 feet and speeds reach 60 mph.  A 110 foot plunge leads to a diving loop with 3 seconds of weightlessness.  One of Florida's best!


One of the worlds tallest and longest inverted roller coasters.  Speeds reach 60 mph with up to 3.8 G-forces on this 4,000 foot track.  The coaster rips through an underground tunnel and several trenches to provide even greater thrills and heighten the sensation of speed.


A mammoth, double wooden track.  The two tracks are intertwined and provide an experience only found on large wooden roller coasters. Each of the Lion and Tiger tracks offer distinct ride experiences. The Gwazi Tiger gives riders a slalom sensation much like a bobsled.   The Gwazi Lion has a seemingly continuous number of spirals.  The "dueling" tracks run simultaneously with several "near misses" for heart pounding experiences.  Gwazi is based on the mythological creature that had the head of a tiger and the body of a lion.


An open car (no shoulder restraints), steel coaster with vertical loops and tightly banked turns.  Smaller than the "big ones", but still exciting with up to 3.5 G-force tight turns, a 60-foot drop and a 360-degree loop.  Length is approximately 1,800 feet with speeds up to 50 mph.

Air Grover

A junior ride with moderate thrill for kids and parents.  It is a steel, open-car coaster that simulates a biplane flight with Sesame Street character Grover.  It has fun turns, mini-dives with largest at 22 feet on a 45 degree angle.


Targeted for the family with children, this "mild" ride is perfect for young adventurers. The five-story "wild mouse" style coaster features lots of twists and turns, some drops, but no loops. Top speed is 22 mph. Child must be at least 46" tall.